Customer Deliveries Scheduling for Sage Line 50 from Q-tron

sageadd2Q-CustDel is an easy to use tool that monitors outstanding Sage Sales Orders and their allocation status. The system is used to schedule deliveries, produce Packing Lists and Delivery Manifests and to enquire on outstanding purchases and stock levels.

A summary list of all outstanding orders is displayed and when the user clicks an order, a detailed view of the order is displayed using live data from Sage. This is an ideal tool to help to quickly answer customer queries with all of the relevant details available on one screen

The main outstanding order display


The detailed order display


When an order is fully allocated the user adds delivery details to the order record i.e. despatch due date, courier, type of delivery (e.g. next day) and the consignment number. Any special delivery instructions are also added. A Packing List can then be produced which is used when the order is packed.



Barcode PrintingDeliveries

The courier and delivery due date are selected and the system displays all orders that are due to be despatched on that date with that courier. The warehouse staff adds the initials of the person who packed the order and any relevant pallet information. When the details are complete a Delivery Manifest is produced.

When the goods have physically been delivered this screen is revisited and a box is ticked to show that the orders have been
despatched. At this point the Sage sales orders are marked as delivered and all of the Sage stocks are updated. The Customer Delivery record is removed from the outstanding orders list and placed on a delivered sales orders archive.

Purchase Order Enquiry

Barcode PrintingPurchase Order Enquiry

The purchase order enquiry screen allows the user to select a Supplier and then displays details of all outstanding purchase orders for that Supplier. The Supplier’s telephone number and email address are also shown on this screen.

There is the facility to compose an email to the Supplier listing the outstanding orders.

Stock Enquiry

Barcode PrintingStock Enquiry

The stock enquiry screen allows the user to select a stock number and then displays the number of items in stock, the number of items that are allocated to sales orders and the number of items that are free. In addition the quantity of any items on order is also shown.

Where stock is allocated to sales orders then details of the sales orders are displayed.

Archived Orders Enquiry / Customer Returns

Barcode Printing  Archived Orders Enquiry / Customer Returns

The Archived Deliveries screen is used to view details of delivered sales orders.

This option is also used to record details of goods that are returned from Customers.

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When a customer reports that they are returning an item, the date is recorded against the item in question along with the reason for return (i.e. not required, wrong goods sent, faults/missing parts or damaged in transit).

Barcode Printing

When the goods are received the date of receipt is added along with the initials of the person who received them and the value of any refunds that are to be made to the customer.

When the refund is made the date of the refund is added.

If a claim is to be made against the courier if the goods were returned due to them being damaged in transit, the date and value of the claim is added along With the value of any unrecoverable costs.

Finally when the claim has been paid the date is added.

Returns Enquiry

Barcode PrintingReturns Enquiry

The Returns Enquiry program allows the user to analyze returns details based on the Customer Returns information above. Details are selected based on various search criteria entered by the user.

This facility can be used to answer questions such as:-

  • Which goods were returned because wrong items were despatched?
  • What goods are expected back but haven’t yet arrived?
  • What is the value of refunds that haven’t been paid yet?
  • What claims have been made against couriers that haven’t been received?
  • Which couriers are frequently damaging goods in transit?
  • Which employees need training because they frequently pack orders incorrectly?


Pricing Information

Standard Q-CustDel Software With Sage Interface (Single User)



Additional Users – per user



Please note

  • The above prices are meant as a guide only. Overall system price will depend on actual requirement, and we would be happy to provide a written quotation upon request.
  • The Q-CustDel software is provided with installation, configuration and training.
  • Support is provided upon condition of a suitable remote link (such as a ‘VPN’ – virtual private network) to all sites.

All prices are subject to VAT.

Q-tron reserves the right to alter Product specification and pricing without notice. O & OE


Product Features

  • Monitors the allocation status of outstanding Sage Sales Orders
  • Automatic generation of emails at key stages to keep customers advised of the status of their orders
  • Production of Packing Lists and Delivery Manifests
  • Enquiry into Sage Purchase Orders and Stock with the ability to view allocation details
  • Automatically delivers all Sage Orders on a completed shipment
  • Ability to control customer returns and monitor customer refunds and claims against couriers

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