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Q-Stock - Processing Parents & Components

A facility in Q-Stock allows you to build a type of simple ‘Bill Of Materials’ to define the relationship between a Parent Item (e.g. Assembly, Sub-Assembly, kit of parts etc.) and it’s Component Items. Once the relationship has been described to the system it is a simple process to create a Parent item from its Components or to break a Parent down into its Components again; Q-Stock automatically generates all of the stock movements required.

In this simple example a Three Piece Suit (Parent) consisting of a jacket, a waistcoat and a pair of trousers will be used to show the necessary steps.

To define the relationship

  1. Select File Maint then Components.
  2. Enter the Parent Product Code.
  3. Identify the Usage – Combine Only (the system will allow you to create Parents from Components only), Split Only (the system will allow you to split a Parent into its Component parts only) or Both (the system will allow you to create Parents form Components and split a Parent back down to its Components again). In this example we will specify Both.
  4. Press Continue to advance to the Components screen.
  5. Enter details of each Component. You will define the Product Codes and the number of each Component that is used to make one Parent. In our example, if the suit came with two pairs of trousers we would create a component list of 1 Jacket, 1 Waistcoat and 2 Trousers

The program keeps a running total of the total cost of the Components and compares that to the selling price of the Parent and gives Mark-up and Gross Profit percentages.

To create Parents from their Components

  1. Select Stock Control then Combine Stock
  2.  The system will display a list of all Parent Products that can be produced (i.e. the usage is Combine Only or Both), the number of Parents already in stock and the maximum number of Parents that can be produced based on the number of each Component in free stock. In this example there are 10 Jackets, 15 Waistcoats and 20 Trousers in stock but because the Suit uses 1 of each then the total Suits that could be produced based on free stock levels of the Components is 10.
  3. Click the Parent to select.
  4. Enter the number of Parents that you wish to produce and the Site/Location that you wish to put them in and press Continue
  5. The system will display a list of the Components and beneath it details of the current stock of the Components. If a Component is only found in one location then it will be automatically allocated; if a Component exists in more than one location you will need to allocate the required items manually
  6. NB you will see a column marked wastage. In some manufacturing processes additional quantities of a component may be consumed
  7. When all of the allocations have been done, press Add, the program will increase the number of Parents in stock and reduce the number of Components accordingly.

To split Parents to create stock of their Components

  1. Select Stock Control then Split Stock.
  2. The system will display a list of all Parent Products that are in stock that can be split (i.e. the usage is Split Only or Both), the number of Parents in stock.
  3. Click a Parent to select and press Continue.
  4. The system will display a list of all of the stock locations that contain the selected parent. Identify which of the stock is to be split and the quantity then press Continue.
  5. The program will list the Components that will be created and allow you to identify where to put the resulting stock.
  6. When you have identified the locations press the Add key. The program will reduce the stock of the Parent and increase the stock of the Components.

Q-Stock - Processing Parents & Components

Product Features

Modular design means that you only need to install relevant facilities

Multi-Location facility caters for up to 999 ‘depots’ and an almost limitless number of stock locations in each

Optional Batch and Serial Number tracking available

Preferred Supplier and associated product details can be held for each product

Integrated Quotation, Sales and Rental modules

Mixed Stock Units of Measure (0 – 5 decimals)

Comprehensive enquiry facilities

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