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Warehouse Inventory Control

Q-warehouse is a database which controls stock movements within a warehouse environment. Each item is given a unique barcoded ID, and its location stored. Charges for various actions, such as delivery, weekly storage, dispatch etc. can be set up and passed to the SAGE 50 Accounts Invoicing module.


Freight Handling for your Goods Despatch requirements

Pick and Pack is a new innovative automated scanning system designed to verify that your Goods Despatched match the original Sales Order, reducing incorrect deliveries and therefore customer complaints.

Following the entry of the Sales Order the resultant ‘Pick List’ is downloaded onto a hand-held data capture unit. The Warehouse Operator will then be prompted to pick the items displayed on the screen and scan the barcodes attached to the packaging, entering a quantity where appropriate.
If an incorrect product is picked the unit sounds a warning tone and the user is prompted to scan again.

Once a pick operation has been completed, the items can be packed into cartons and/or onto pallets, scanning each item in any sequence.

The hand-held unit will verify that each item packed appears on the original Sales Order as it is scanned, and conversely any attempt to pack an incorrect item will result in a warning tone and error message. Any item on an order which is NOT packed, will be shown on an Exceptions Report.

At the end of the pick and pack process the system will print shipping labels showing the overall contents of each pallet along with its overall weight, an essential requirement for airfreight operations.

The system will hold all scanned data in a database for audit purposes.



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