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Website / SAGE 50 Tools

Q-WebLink & other tools

Ability to exchange data between your website and SAGE 50

Q-WebLink - Website / SAGE 50 Data Link

  • Transfers data between your Website and SAGE 50
  • Runs unattended at regular intervals
  • Collects Sales Orders entered via your Website and automatically creates them in SAGE 50
  • Sends current Stock Position information back to your Website
  • Helps you to deal with Customer Account Request


Q-WebPic - Website Picture Library

  • Simple to use tool to send pictures to your Website
  • Q-WebPic transfers picture files from your PC to your Website using FTP ready to be included into your Webpage or Webshop
  • Creates a ‘photograph library’ on your Website and keeps a copy of the library on your PC as a backup
  • Works as a stand-alone tool but has also been designed to link to Q-tron’s ‘Q-WebLink’ software