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Bespoke Services available from Q-tron

The majority of our team each have 30 to 40+ years experience in the IT environment and have worked in Manufacturing, Retail and Service Industries. Because of this we can offer many bespoke services that other IT Companies cannot.




If you believe that the implementation of IT solutions could help your business but you don’t have the in-house experience to know what is needed and what solutions are available on the market Q-tron can provide a Consultant to examine your requirements, prepare a plan and make recommendations. We can also Project Manage the development and implementation of your IT Solutions for you.



Systems Analysis & Software Design

If you have a specific requirement we can provide a Systems Analyst to look at your existing manual and IT systems to determine what additional solutions are needed. If existing systems need enhancement or new software developed we have the experience to produce details development specifications.



Software Development

Our experienced development team can produce software to specification and can work with you to rigorously test the system ready for implementation.




Data Import From Spreadsheets

We have developed a number of products that import data from spreadsheets to create Purchase and Sales Orders in SAGE 50 and, although this seems like quite a simple thing, the saving in man-hours over a period of time can be very significant indeed!



Product Features


Software Design

Software Development

Software Support

Hardware Support

Importing data from Spreadsheets into SAGE 50 (e.g. Sales Orders, Purchase Orders etc.)


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