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Multiple Stock Locations

For SAGE 50

Q-LBSRec - Location, Batch & Serial Number Recording for SAGE 50

  • Mimics some SAGE 200 features on your SAGE 50 Platform
  • Can be used either ‘stand-alone’ or together with our Barcode Scanning Products
  • Collection of interactive screen enquiries and reports
  • Batch Control can monitor expiry dates and automatically stop expired products being selected for despatch (in conjunction with barcode scanning)


Q-Stock - Multiple Location Stock System for SAGE 50

  • Multi Location caters for up to 999 ‘sites’ with an almost limitless number of physical stock locations in each
  • Optional Batch and Serial Number tracking, Quotations, Contracts and Rental modules are available
  • Link to SAGE 50 can be suspended temporarily so that you can carry on working if SAGE is not available (eg. at year end). When the link is re-established, any movements that were created in the interim are created in SAGE 50 bringing the two systems back into balance again
  • Comprehensive enquiry facilities




  “Which Product would be best for me?”


Both Q-LBSRec and Q-Stock have been developed to record Multiple Stock Locations and optionally Batch and Serial Number details but they work in very different ways.


Q-LBSRec ‘links’ detail transactions to SAGE 50 Stock Movement records. If you use Q-LBSRec in conjunction with our scanning products then the majority of the detail transactions are created immediately by the software and linked to the appropriate SAGE 50 movements. If you use SAGE 50 to enter other Stock Movements, for example Stock Adjustments etc, then you need to identify the SAGE 50 movement record and manually add the applicable Batch/Serial Number details and associated Stock Location.

An in-built collection of Screen Enquiries and Reports enable you to interrogate the details.

Some users opt not to enter every transaction as they only wish to record, for example, despatches as they just need to know which customer has a particular Batch/Serial Number.


Q-Stock is a complete sales and stock control solution in its own right which can either be used as a stand-alone system or can be linked to SAGE 50. There are no ‘short-cuts’ with Q-Stock; every movement is entered, giving the user ultimate stock traceability.

When you use Q-Stock linked to SAGE 50, all movements are entered through Q-Stock which generates the necessary transactions etc into SAGE 50 keeping the two systems in balance.

There is a feature that enables you to temporarily suspend the link between Q-Stock and SAGE 50; this can be useful when you are doing your ‘accounts year-end’ for example or even if there is a problem with SAGE 50 itself. While the link is suspended, Q-Stock stores all movements. Once the link is re-established all you then need to do is run the ‘End of Day’ option and Q-Stock will post the stored movements into SAGE 50.

If traceability is paramount in your environment then Q-Stock is the product that you need.


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