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Handy Tools For SAGE 50

Q-GS1 - GS1 Barcode Integration Tool

  • Easy to use tool to assign GS1 Codes to SAGE 50 Product Records
  • Ensures that a GS1 Code cannot be allocated to SAGE 50 Products
  • Updates GS1 File with SAGE 50 Product Codes automatically



Q-IO - Import / Export Data Tool

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Imports data from various file formats
  • Update existing records if applicable
  • Option to output Sales Data from SAGE 50 (users of our EPoS software only)


Q-Sg50CrCtrl - Credit Control Tool

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Searches for Accounts that have outstanding Sales Invoices that exceed the Payment Terms and automatically puts them on hold
  • Includes Accounts where the Credit Limit has been exceeded
  • Presents you with all of the details necessary, on one screen, to help you to ‘chase debts’ more efficiently


Q-trix - Stock Code Generation Matrix Tool

  • Quick and easy to use
  • A job that is currently taking you hours can be done in seconds
  • Encourages the creation of structured Stock Numbers
  • Especially useful if you have seasonal stock that changes often (e.g. Fashion)
  • You create one variant and Q-trix creates every other possible variant for you



Other Handy Tools

Q-FileDist - File Distribution Tool

  • Runs unattended at regular intervals
  • Transfers files to/from a Central Collection Point
  • Maintains a detailed Audit List of file names transferred plus error details if files couldn’t be copied
  • Allows you to temporarily suspend transfers from/to one or more locations if required