Latest offerings from Q-tron

Q-CMS50 - Cylinder Management System

  • Manages the rental of a Gas Cylinder when a Customer purchases the contents
  • Full history of each Cylinder is available including Current Location and Status
  • Caters for Customers’ own Cylinders
  • Barcode Scanner loaded with Sales Order and Cylinder details used to pick orders – only Cylinders with the correct contents and status can be selected
  • Monitors Cylinders with Customers and generates monthly rental invoices into SAGE 50


Q-MultiSupp - Multiple Supplier Support

  • Enables you to record purchasing information from any number of different Suppliers for each Product
  • Combines Stock and Sales Orders Shortfall Details onto a single list to give you a more thorough Stock Position
  • Consolidates Stock Items by Supplier and generates Purchase Orders into SAGE 50
  • Maintains a Purchase History for each Stock Item showing Order Dates and Numbers, Suppliers and Prices Paid